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The Chef,
& Leader.

"My passion lies in helping others unlock the true potential of their dreams of operating a profitable and efficient restaurant concept, while also providing amazing culinary services as a
Certified Executive Chef."

Brandon "Chef B"  Williams

Brandon L. Williams, known as Chef B, is an Award-Winning Chef who hails from humble beginnings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he was raised by his single mother alongside his older brother, finding inspiration in the warmth of family gatherings and the flavors of his grandmother's kitchen. From a young age, he found himself drawn to the culinary world, spending weekends and summers assisting his grandmother with meal preparations and absorbing culinary wisdom from television shows like "Great Chefs of the World" and "Cajun Cooking with Justin Wilson."

Despite facing discouragement from his community about pursuing a culinary career due to his race, Chef Brandon remained steadfast in his dream of becoming a renowned chef. He began honing his skills at the age of 12, mastering the art of cooking by 16. Undeterred by obstacles, he worked tirelessly, attending culinary school during the day while working overnight shifts and even sleeping in his car to ensure success.

Chef B's journey led him through various culinary roles, from kitchen manager to executive chef, demonstrating his talent and dedication. His accolades include being the first African-American male hired as an Executive Sous Chef at historic Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, where he contributed to the culinary success of events like Kentucky Derby 149 where his menus and cuisine fed over 300,000 attendees and grossed over $59 million in revenue. His expertise has also been showcased on platforms such as the Food Network and TBS Network, earning him recognition and accolades in various cooking competitions.

Currently serving as a Certified Executive Chef for the Cherokee Nation and a Restaurant Industry Consultant, Chef B is committed to leadership excellence, innovation in cost management, and delivering exceptional dining experiences in high-pressure environments. Beyond his culinary endeavors, he is a devoted family man, community advocate, and mentor, inspiring others to pursue their dreams despite adversity.

With a passion for culinary excellence and ongoing education, Chef B holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management and is pursuing an MBA in Organizational Leadership. His mantra, "Life is what you make it; You get out of it what you put into it," reflects his unwavering determination and commitment to success.

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